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Jan 13, 2017


Hello everybody for today I made this objects thinking about a more versatile bedroom.. lots of blankets  and mattress so you will never be bored of having the same blanket all the time, some wall art , endtables, lots of rugs. I was in need of a bit of variation in my game but I decided to share them with you all
I hope you like them.
Enjoy :)

Jun 4, 2016


Hello, everybody! For today i present to you this new set.
I made this set thinking about a romantic teen room with some sweet and flowery thematic.
Even this time I made some convertions from The Sims 3 that I use to love when I played it and
also some recolors.
I also included a lamp that was already posted in the Vintage Spring Set, because that was my first convertion and I didn't  know how to fix the light, but now works good so if you don't
wanna do that on game that you dimmed the lamp, download the new file so the lamp
is fix it won't be shinny like before.
The matress and the blanket I tried to make them seemless with the bed, so when the sims go to bed
you wont see the difference between the bed and the blanket, is not perfect but I like the
end result.
I hope you like it.
Enjoy :)

Nov 19, 2013

My Ballet Studio

Hello Everybody! For today I present to you my ballet studio, since I got te ballet set from the store I wanted to make a small private studio in my own house, so I made this wall, paintings , recolor furniture and objects to decorate it. And maybe my next project will be a communitary ballet studio.
So I hope you can you use them on your own ballet studio or other room you fancy.
Enjoy :)

Jul 10, 2013

My Favorite Place

Hello Everybody! Today I made this set of item that exalt every living rooms, with his touch of shabby chic and more classical variant,  a coffee table of broken porcelain in this beautiful floral theme, a real must, and the final touch of those awesome paintings.
Hope you like it.
Enjoy :)


May 3, 2013

Cloe Laurent

Hello once more! Lastly I made a sim ,because I love mostly make them and lot of free time since my pc slowly giving me up :(
Enjoy as always :)

Mar 26, 2013

Ballet & Birds

I made this with the little ones in mind, the ballet theme for a little girl. it will make a nice sweet room. The birds can go also in a girls room but also can be  used as a decorated mural in a kitchen or living room just like an accent decor.
Enjoy :)

Mar 16, 2013

Antique Angel

Hello everybody!
This is my first upload and I'm so excitied,
so i though of this antique angel that I love and I think is very sweet, so I decided to share it with you all....
Enjoy. :)