Jul 23, 2013

Tropical Dream

Hello Everybody! In this time I focused al lot on the tropical and coastal theme cause of the new expansion, I needed more decoration and build stuff for my resort and house beach and then I decided to share with you all. A special mention goes for the chaise long which I love pretty much for the theme and coloration.
I hope you like as much as I do :)
Enjoy :)

Jul 20, 2013

Children Aboard

Hello Everyone! After the great success of the latest coastal set I decided to make it some more of that but this time for children and teen; I tried to make a colourful style for girls and a monochromatic a classic for boys but of course you are free to choose which if for :)
In addition I created even a custom recolor of the retail dart board for the coastal theme always a classic in child room.
Hope you like it.
Enjoy :)


Jul 17, 2013

Going Costal

Hello Everybody! Today I present to you this beautiful set inspired by the latest expansion pack, I wanted to add some more nautical stuff for interior rooms of houseboats and piers and the results are very nice.
I already made some nautical stuff back in time, feel free to browse it as well if you like :) 
Hope you like it
Enjoy :)

Jul 13, 2013

Black Beauty

Hello Everyone! Today I present to you a new set of walls for living rooms and kitchen as well, always with the theme of shabby chic in painted black wood in contrast with the cream and pink stripes wallpaper, in addition the patterns for furniture to look alike it.
Hope you like it.
Enjoy as always :)

Jul 10, 2013

My Favorite Place

Hello Everybody! Today I made this set of item that exalt every living rooms, with his touch of shabby chic and more classical variant,  a coffee table of broken porcelain in this beautiful floral theme, a real must, and the final touch of those awesome paintings.
Hope you like it.
Enjoy :)


Jul 8, 2013

Pots and Coral Reef

Hello Everybody! Today I present to you this brand new walls for bathroom and kitchen, everyone tiled with a unique coloration and original theme will revolutionize these rooms.
Hope you like it.
Enjoy :)

Jul 4, 2013

For Your Eyes Only

Hello Everybody! Today I made a beautiful combination of walls and painting for every room you like, with the touch of pink flower an the rustic of bricks with the painted ivy, that will enhance everything for your eyes only ^^
Hope you like it.
Enjoy :)

Jul 2, 2013

Koi and Flowers

Hello Everybody! For today I present to you this cabinet; with one of my favourite theme, one of flowers and the other one of the koi fish, of which I made a beautiful painting some time ago...
I hope you like it.
Enjoy :)