Jul 4, 2013

For Your Eyes Only

Hello Everybody! Today I made a beautiful combination of walls and painting for every room you like, with the touch of pink flower an the rustic of bricks with the painted ivy, that will enhance everything for your eyes only ^^
Hope you like it.
Enjoy :)





On request of Louma 37 I add the pattern of Broken porcelain.
Hope you like it


  1. GOSH!!!! very nice add :)

    can i ask if the floral pattern on the counters included ?

    1. No, the floral pattern isn't included but if you have a sims exchange account you can browse it there in my creations.
      If not let me know and I'll upload here :)

    2. Oh you're very kind dear :) but i do not have an account there, the EA site is too slow for my internet . So it would be very generous of you if you decide to share it hear. Thanks!

    3. awwww thanks hun :) you're very kind