Jun 4, 2016


Hello, everybody! For today i present to you this new set.
I made this set thinking about a romantic teen room with some sweet and flowery thematic.
Even this time I made some convertions from The Sims 3 that I use to love when I played it and
also some recolors.
I also included a lamp that was already posted in the Vintage Spring Set, because that was my first convertion and I didn't  know how to fix the light, but now works good so if you don't
wanna do that on game that you dimmed the lamp, download the new file so the lamp
is fix it won't be shinny like before.
The matress and the blanket I tried to make them seemless with the bed, so when the sims go to bed
you wont see the difference between the bed and the blanket, is not perfect but I like the
end result.
I hope you like it.
Enjoy :)