Apr 18, 2016


Hello everybody! For today I made this new set since spring is here, I wanted something fresh looking for my sims, and also made my first convertion from sims 3 to sims 4.
I converted the kerosene lamp of  country store set  from sims 3 , and I also make some recolours of
I tested on my game and it works ok. the only thing is that you have to set the light color and intesity in game once you put it on your lot.
The default is set to high and I have no idea how to change it on the convertion process, but you can set it in game put the light to med dim and color white. that will make look the lamp with his true colors.
Anyway is my first convertion and I was so happy that I decided to share it with you all.
Hope you like it.
Enjoy :)

Apr 5, 2016


Hello everybody! Today I made this set thinking of a sun room or an outdoor room for Sims to enjoy. Two of the walls were made for an old the sims 3 set for a garden project and I did like them
so much that I decided to remake them for the sims 4.
Hope you like this little recolor project.
Enjoy :)