Apr 30, 2013

Sea Breeze

Last but not the least ^^ This one is my favorite rug and i wanted to share it with you, is a big rug that gives a nice touch to big rooms another for a perfect beach house, you can't complain about don't having enought objects for Paradise Island =P
Enjoy as always :)

Pretty Rugs

This one,instead, is a collection of 4 different small rugs with some unique desings, perfect for all room of the house
Enjoy :)

Beach Time

Hello everyone! Today I introduce a new category of item some new rugs I recently created, this beach theme rug has a nice size for small beach houses, a perfect combination for my latest set of item!
Enjoy :)

Apr 25, 2013

Marine Life

Hello Again! Today I'd like to change the subject in tapestry of the marine life, I always wondered how it come out in game and it's got beautiful results hope you like it
Enjoy :)

More Shells

Hello everyone! Today I present you a painting for those of you who likes the beach themes, here I bring you 2 variations of shell working
Enjoy as always :)

Apr 23, 2013

Childrens Mosaic

Last but not the least I present you a fun mosaic painting that reminds me of my childhood, perfect for a children play room
Enjoy as always :)

Marble Fish Wall

Hello Again! Still today I present you this is marble and tile a bit more rustic. Ideal for beach cottages
Hope you enjoy :)

Tiled Fish Wall

Hello everyone! Today I present you an elegant tile wall for the bathroom
with fish theme in relief an ideal design for a beach house
Enjoy :)

Apr 19, 2013

Ladies In Pastels

Hello again! This set of paintings are nice for modern houses and they are great for monocromic houses giving them a bit of color
Hope you enjoy :)

French Country

Hello everyone! Searching for new proyects I found this set of antique houses and i though they will look very nice in a country home, so I decided to give it a try and make them as painting for the sims 
I hope you like them enjoy :)

Apr 17, 2013

Set of Fruits

Hello again! In the last days I've got a creative frenzy ,thanks to my sister to fetch me all this beautiful pictures ^^, this one is a simple set of fruit in watercolor perfect for living rooms and even kitchen!
Enjoy as always!


I have made two different painting in one file (less clutter ) one modern and another classical  so i think is kind of fun to play with two styles
Hope you like them enjoy :)

Beach Decor

Hello Everyone! Last evening I saw this set of paintings and i thought they were really cute for a beach house and made a all in one painting
Hope you enjoy :)

Apr 13, 2013

The Hampton Wall

Hello, and yet again for today another wall for swimming pool in mosaic style just like the other one!
Enjoy :)

Waves Pool Wall

Hello everybody, today I present you a beautiful swimming pool wall in mosaic style it can be used even on bathroom ,as you can see, with good results
Enjoy :)

Apr 10, 2013

Lotus Relief

Hello everyone! Today I present you my latest creation , a bas-relief of some beautiful lotus that suit perfectly oriental like houses
Hope you enjoy :)

Happy Birthday Alejandra!

I want to do my very best wishes to Alejandra for her birthday today :)


Apr 6, 2013

Stucco Wall

Hello again!,I bring to you a rustic stucco wall for those of you who like the adobe type of decoration

Beach Mosaic

Hello everyone today I present you another piece of the mosaic set ,originally taken from frame of some kitchen, representing a landscape of the sea with a recolorable frame
Enjoy :)

Apr 2, 2013

Rose Greenleaf

Hello again! This time I'll present to you my first plantsim ever! I used some custom content, actually cause of the lack of retail stuff, to make it more beautiful
I hope you enjoy :)

Raven Woods

Hello everyone!
I'm proud to present my first male Sim named Raven pretty and simple dark-haired
Hope you enjoy :)