Jan 13, 2017


Hello everybody for today I made this objects thinking about a more versatile bedroom.. lots of blankets  and mattress so you will never be bored of having the same blanket all the time, some wall art , endtables, lots of rugs. I was in need of a bit of variation in my game but I decided to share them with you all
I hope you like them.
Enjoy :)

 Colorfull puff, mesh ts2 cassandra, convertion by loree.

Sweet Chair REcolor: mesh awesims, convertion by loree

Quilted blanket Recolor: by simphony no. 4

AL_Sings REcolor: mesh sims3 jope, converted by Dinah
La galeria Small by Simphony n.4

Pretty and sweet and la galeria Art: by saudade

Pretty endtable: mesh sims3 simply styling converted by mio sims

Pretty matress collection: mesh by Veranka


  1. Mesh from Veranka for the matress dont work anymore. Any chance to get it anywhere?

    1. I'm not sure if Veranka updated it but mine works with that mesh so I guess now mine is broken too.
      I have to look for it.

    2. I checked the mesh and it works for me.
      I refreshed the link in the credits aswell, try to see if it works for you too.

  2. Hello, I have just discovered your site which is beautiful, and I would like to know if it is necessary to download the meshes of links under credits in addition to your set? In advance, thank you for your answer :)

    1. I usually write them in the description if the original mesh is needed for certain item, but in most of the cases aren't like this one.

      The credits are just a special thanks to those who created the mesh that I recolored.