Jul 3, 2017


Hello everybody! Today I present to you this new item set. I saw this wonderful set of shabby stuff made by Shinokcr and since it's summer I had to make it in bright and soft colors,
so i recolored the sets for those of you who love the bright that summer bring.
Of course you will need to original mesh from Shinokcr for these to work ,that'll link in the credits,
in your game.
Hope you like it
Enjoy :)

Set of 4 pics: converted from ts3 to ts4 by me, Original mesh by muske


  1. ANOTHER awesome set, thank you so much!!!

  2. So awesome, love all your sets! So glad to have found your site! Thank you with all my heart!!

  3. Gorgeous as always!!! Love it! Why don't you join the Sims community on Tumbler hun??? You have soooo many followers there! Now we just take your pics and show your new things so people know about them and come to your site to download! Anyways, totally in love with your new set and will be doing a new shabby chic house!!! ;) Luckybee!

  4. Thanks everyone for your kind compliments :)

    Sadly I don't really like the web sytle of Tumblr it's a bit messy to find stuff sometimes, but maybe I'll consider one day to make one account there if I got some spare time.