May 15, 2013

Vintage and Elegance

Hello! Today I present you a new type of walls ,two of a kind in one, the first one goes in vintage style more like in ancient baroque style, the second in more way modern of elegance
Hope you like it
Enjoy :)


  1. Thank you for these beautiful, fantastic, so charming walls.

  2. your wellcome, im glad you like them

  3. Hi Alelore,
    I have an idea, maybe you an use my Sims 2 walls to create new Sims 3 walls...
    Just see them at TSR.

    Let me know what you think?

    Hug Sandra (TheUnicorn)

    1. sure why not :) i saw some of them and they are very nice and i will like to remake some. so you have a high resolution pictures of them? or a pic better than the one on the tsr? i like ivy brick wall, elegant stucco, rose draperie, kitchen pottery wall,peach butterfly and mozaic bath 1 and 2

    2. Hi Alelore,
      Wow, thats so great, that you want to do this... :)
      no, I do not have those pics anymore of all my walls, but you can put the resolution up, in your photoshop program or other program.
      I can help you to remove the TSR logo on the walls, (I asume you can to. :) but i have to download the pics too.
      Let me know, what you want me to do.
      shall we exchange emailadresses?
      You can email me at
      I also have some incredible patterns, i can sent them to you...
      And I also want to know how to convert my walls into the sims 3,maybe you want to teach me how and write a tutorial for me, a simple one? :)
      And sorry that I reply so late, but I lost your url.
      Hope we can make a deal...and work together maybe?
      big thanks and hug, Sandra. (TheUnicorn)

  4. Totally in love with your creations, thanks so much for sharing them!